COVID19 Precautions

On March 17th we closed our office at 400 Cushman as one of our employees was ill after primary exposure to COVID 19. We moved swiftly to begin virtual from home services. On March 31st we partnered with our community to open a Warming Center for our homeless neighbors who needed a place to get out the the winter conditions and get a warm meal, place to rest and recharge.  The warming center closed on May 1  and now only serves to go meals from 3-5pm.

Here at 400 Cushman we are now serving one participant at the time.  We have a hand sanitizing station at the entrance and require cloth masks for both staff and participant. To allow physical distancing two of our peer support specialists are working off site, as well as our encampment staff.  All appointments for intake and employment are made in advance.  Call us for more information. Stay safe and keep connected to the supports you need for success.

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